J.K. Is Real!

Move over Bethany, J.K. is a REAL wife, too!

A friend recently referred me to our local lifestyle magazine, Leawood Lifestyles, and suggested that they feature me as a real wife from our area. After submitting my questionnaire, I was astounded to hear that I would be this month’s feature. So, for anyone out there wondering if I truly am a “real” person, let alone a “real wife,” you can find out all of the inside scoop in the attached article.

For anyone wondering why I write as J.K. O’Hanlon and not Jane Kurtz….Another quite famous author exists by the name of Jane Kurtz (not me) and she write children’s stories.  While the chance of confusion between her stories and mine (erotic romance and cocktail how-to books) is not high, I thought it best to pick another name. So, “J.K.” stands for “Jane Kurtz” and “O’Hanlon” is my husband’s last name.


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